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Stunning Flower Gardens

Gorgeous flower gardens with less work can be a dream come true when you follow the 6 steps below to obtain you started. As you start to prepare your garden, it's helpful to start with the end in mind. It's true exactly what they say "If you do not understand where you're going, how will you know when you're there?" A cliché for sure, but knowing where you wish to go and ways to get there is critical ... in business and in gardening.

Evaluation these six steps each time you prepare a task, design a garden, or pursue any brand-new vision that may have planted its seed in your brain. Each strategy will help you have more garden with less work.

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New Flowers Species Found on Israel-Egypt Border
A rare species of flower was recently discovered in the Negev by Israeli botanists.
The flower is of the Colchicum family, a perennial flowering plant found in the Negev. However, unlike the more common Colchicum, the new species, called a “Shimper” Colchicum, is found in Israel only at the location it was discovered.
Source: Haaretz Website

Autumn flowers that last until first frost
For gardeners, one of the most cheering phrases in the English language is "will flower until frost". It warms the heart to see a plant brave equinoctial gales, torrential rain, insect attack, shortening days and lower light levels to provide colour well into the autumn.
The combination of summer flowers with autumn leaf tints and colourful berries is an especially winning one, since we don't really expect it. Yet there are dozens of tender and hardy perennials, as well as a few shrubs and climbers, which will provide that flower colour all through September and October and sometimes even into early November.
Source: Telegraph Website

See how flowers brighten a winter day in Bernardsville
There is nothing like arranging flowers with winter winds howling during a cold snap. Members of the Bernardsville Garden Club brought flowers for seniors to make a Valentine's Day flower arrangement.
More than two dozen signed up for the free class and, with volunteers helping out, made bright flower decorations.
Source: Nj Website

Paper Heart Flowers is a blooming Lexington business
The bride wants what the bride wants. And as Ashley Cox planned her October wedding, her vision included a certain bloom.
“I wanted flowers everywhere and I wanted peonies, which are my favorite,” said Cox who was married on Fort Meyers Beach, Fla. But spring-blooming peonies at a fall wedding were a pricey option.
Source: Kentucky Website

HEATHER-LYNN’S HABITAT: Flowers pique interest
Not only has the society managed to score two new gardens for this year’s Open Garden Programme, but interest is high among British tour operators as the BHS affiliate association the Barbados Association of Flower Arrangers, gets ready to stage the 12th World Flower Show in June 2017. Horticultural Society president Orson Daisley said the society was building on last year’s high interest and was hoping for a good year this year.
Source: Nationnews Website



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